MFUG April 2016 – Using Flexbox with Madcap Flare

Melbourne Flare User Group

Using Flexbox with Madcap Flare

Last week, Tom Marshall demonstrated an incredibly simple yet effective way of using Flexbox with Madcap Flare projects. Madcap Flare currently supports the Zurb Foundation Grid for creating responsive output, but you can use Flexbox independently of the Foundation Grid.

Flexbox stands for flexible box layout, a set of positioning elements in CSS3.

Here are some of the advantages of using Flexbox over grids:

  • Easier to implement
  • Simpler to use
  • Clean, easy CSS

Tom also pointed out some of the shortcomings of Flexbox:

  • It doesn’t work with Flare user interface as is, lots of CSS, but all your Flexbox code will work in your HTML5 output
  • It doesn’t work for PDF, so it is an online only solution

Using his Madcap certification project as a Work in Progress site (, he demonstrated how he has been using Flexbox to create boxes he can manipulate easily.

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